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Small to Mid-size Business formation/Consulting

Location: Boston, MA
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I am seeking referrals for clients seeking startup consulting and ongoing small to mid-size business support throughout the Greater Boston area and the surrounding communities of Massachusetts.

The correct formation of a business is often as important as the people who are behind that business. The failure to plan carefully in the formation or reorganization of a business can lead to unnecessary internal disputes and external legal threats that can lower profits or put the entire business at risk.

I work with business owners and principals to determine the best choice of entity for a new business, as well as to restructure an existing business. My firm can walk you through the pros and cons of structures such as LLCs (limited liability companies), S corporations, LLPs (limited liability partnerships) or other options.

To determine the best entity for a business, it is important to look at the structure of management, the roles for investors, the anticipated size, where revenue streams will come from, the tolerance for personal liability, and any succession or exit strategy.

I can also help you draft or review a shareholder agreement, operating agreement, partnership agreement or buy-sell agreement.

For more information about business formation, or to make a referral, please contact Marc Pepin via e-mail at mpepinjr@yahoo.com.

posted: 1/11/2013

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