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Only one quarter of American households consist of what most people think of as a "traditional family," i.e. married couples and their children. Nearly 90 percent of opposite-sex, unmarried American households include children and about two-fifths of children are expected to live in a cohabiting household at some point. The numbers pinpoint the increasing importance of understanding paternity laws to the family law practitioner and to render effective, timely assistance to separating families and their children. Readers will learn:

  • How to file and try a paternity complaint/case;
  • How to file for support, custody, visitation pursuant to 209c;
  • How to oppose genetic marker testing;
  • What are the current relevant cases and theories;
  • How to challenge an adjudication of paternity;
  • Whether children can be removed from this jurisdiction;
  • What effect do voluntary stipulations have; and
  • How to obtain retroactive child support and attorneys fees.


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Family Law Section

Young Lawyers Division

Juvenile and Child Welfare Section

Related Practice Areas: Divorce Law, Domestic Violence Law, Family Law

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Published: October 21, 2010

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