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Attorneys face a dilemma when they present information to an audience. The dilemma is that the audience cannot give them feedback on how they are doing until it is too late. Other performance-type jobs have instant feedback built right in — actors, public speakers, athletes — so they always know exactly how they are doing in real time. Courtroom rules, however, prohibit attorneys from getting this real time feedback from the people who count the most — the jury.

This book teaches attorneys how focus groups and mock trials can assist them in filling that feedback void  — that “black hole” or Bermuda Triangle. Valuable, case-specific data can be generated to shape your presentation and strategies in preparation for settlement conferences, mediation/arbitration, voir dire and for the trial itself. Generating this valuable feedback ahead of time gives attorneys that winning edge.

Topics include:

  • How to make presentations understandable and memorable to an audience;
  • How jurors will likely process facts through their natural biases;
  • Which types of jurors might be irreversibly biased against their side of the case; and
  • What arguments can change opinions 180 degrees.
Sponsoring Sections:

Civil Litigation Section

Juvenile and Child Welfare Section

Related Practice Areas: General Civil Law

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Published: March 23, 2011

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