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Final Directives: Medical and Legal Perspectives on Death and Dying

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Advances in medical technology and therapies have made end-of-life health care decision making very complex. The legal issues relating to the process of dying and the determination of death will be explored at this seminar.

Legal considerations relating to treatment decisions at the end-of-life, including Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders, living wills, health care proxies and cessation of artificial support systems, will be discussed. The authors will explore who can and should be empowered to make end-of-life treatment decisions, and how to manage ethical and legal challenges that can sometimes arise from end-of-life decisions. What are the appropriate roles of the health care provider, the family, the lawyers, the guardian ad litem, the court and others in such cases? What kind of proper advance planning can avoid problems and disputes in these types of matters? This publication will provide guidance on these issues.

Topics include:

  • The legal issues involved in planning for end-of-life, including advance directives, health care proxies, DNR orders, living wills and the initiation and cessation of artificial support systems, such as artificial nutrition and hydration;
  • A view of the decision-making process in end-of-life cases from the perspective of the patient, the family and the medical provider;
  • The role of lawyers, guardians ad litem and the courts in end-of-life cases;
  • The applicable legal and medical standards in end-of-life cases; and
  • Ethical issues related to the roles of attorneys, medical providers and family members in end-of-life decision-making.
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Health Law Section

Probate Law Section

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Published: January 10, 2012

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