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Building Your Million-Dollar Practice in the New Economy

In 2006, Master Practice Advisor Dustin Cole conducted a groundbreaking program around the country entitled, “Building the Million Dollar Practice,” helping thousands of attorneys break out of traditional thinking and take their practices to a new level of success. Then, beginning in late 2008, everything changed. Now, after two years of intensive work with dozens of firms and attorneys to help them cope successfully with change, Cole offers new insights and an array of new tools for prospering in the new economy. This program will focus on “Marketing that Works in the New Economy,” including:

  • The “four horsemen” of change and what they mean to you;
  • The essential “layers” of your marketing, and what you must be doing in each;
  • How traditional referral marketing is failing and how to re-energize it;
  • The new technologies of marketing and how to use them without being a geek;
  • How to move up the “value” curve for increased revenues;
  • Techniques to combat price resistance and price undercutting;
  • Powerful communications that turn prospects into clients; and
  • Innovative approaches to fees and collections.

About Dustin A. Cole
Cole defines his work as helping attorneys transform their practices into highly successful legal businesses. In his more than 20 years of work with law firms ranging from sole practitioners to firms of more than 2,000, he has helped thousands of attorneys surf the waves of change, seize opportunities and grow their revenues. Over the past decades, he has conducted continuing legal education in conjunction with more than 30 state bar associations and has personally trained over 30,000 attorneys through his workshops, training programs and one-on-one coaching.


Dustin A. Cole, program chair
President and Master Practice Advisor, Attorneys Master Class

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Presentation Date: April 21, 2011
Runtime: 4:00.00
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