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MBA Mentoring Circle FAQs

What is the MBA Mentor Circles Program?

Our mentoring circles are groups of MBA members who meet at least four times a year (once per quarter) in a confidential and informal setting, to mentor and guide one another. Members have the opportunity to both give and receive advice, share life experiences, meet, network and discuss any topic that they feel is appropriate within the group. A group is made up of eight to 12 people, with varying experience.

The goal of each mentoring circle is to offer MBA members a unique program of invaluable resources, networking tools and professional growth. MBA's mentoring circles will contribute to the professional development of our legal professionals by:

  • Connecting with our young lawyers to ensure they are prepared for the responsible practice of law and are committed to professionalism.
  • Providing development tools to newly-admitted and senior-level attorneys through peer mentoring, as well as offering new viewpoints on the practice and business of law. This will allow learning and growth and members will become better advocates for their clients.
  • Networking tools for both young and senior level attorneys, which result in a growth of business contacts.
  • Offering support by answering questions, which both creates business connections and increases activity within the MBA.
  • Encouraging attorneys to participate more in the communities they live and work.

Where do Mentor Circles meet?

MBA mentoring circles are arranged by county locations. Circles have the option to set up meetings at a nearby restaurant, coffee house or other location. Participants decide where meetings of the circle will be held.

What are the requirements to join?

  • During the 12-month calendar year circles are asked to meet once a quarter (four times a year), beginning in September.
  • Within each mentoring circle, each mentor must voluntarily agree to offer advice and give guidance to any participating member of the circle.
  • The MBA Mentoring Circles Program requires participants to be in good standing with the association at all times.

Why should I join?

  • Receive support and encouragement for your professional development;
  • Learn about the different organizational cultures within the law profession;
  • Grow your management and leadership skills;
  • Enhance your working skills and experience to help you develop in your current position, and for future positions;
  • Create and grow a network of contacts and information channels;
  • Gain new and innovative perspectives on the business of law; and
  • Build lifelong connections within your mentoring circles.

How can I join?

All Mentoring Circle participants must be a member of the MBA. Registration forms can be found online here. We will contact you once we receive your completed form and have assigned you to a circle. In the event a mentoring circle is full, we will place your name on a wait list and add you to a circle as space becomes available.

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