Job Shadow

JobShadow.jpgFor one day in February, the MBA sponsors young people from various communities throughout the commonwealth to “shadow” attorneys in order to gain an appreciation of legal work in general and the area shadowed in particular. The goal of Job Shadow is to provide a favorable experience to the students, to foster an appreciation for the importance of living in a society of laws, to create a positive impression of lawyers and to introduce the students to a variety of careers available at a law firm.

"The students participating in Job Shadow Day learn a great deal about the legal profession in a short time. The efforts of the participating attorneys, law firms, judges and clerks demystify the practice of law, and the students learn about various career options available in law and the justice system."

-- Patrick Clendenen, past chair of the MBA Civil Litigation Section Council.

If you or your firm would like to host a student for a Job Shadow, please contact the Community Services Department at (617) 338-0695.

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