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Photograph by Jennifer Rosinski
2009 - 2010 Tiered Community Mentoring Kick-off Program

Tiered Community Mentoring Program

The Tiered Community Mentoring Program provides students at the high school, undergraduate, and law school levels access to legal professionals to provide them with an understanding of the legal profession and an awareness of the career opportunities available to them. The program is based in Boston in an effort to reach urban high school students, with a focus on building a diverse mentoring network.

The program is in its second year and the overall goal is to provide information, guidance and real life experiences to all of the participants so that they can make informed decisions regarding their future and career.

  • Exposing high school students to information about college;
  • Providing pre-law undergraduate students with information about the law school admission process and the importance of taking challenging classes;
  • Providing law students with an inside view of the practice of law with their attorney mentors.

The program matches 10 mentoring groups, each comprised of a high school student, a undergraduate student, a law student, and an attorney. A program launch event takes place once all of the participants have been vetted through an application process and program guidelines are clearly defined for all participants.

If you would like further information regarding the program, please contact Elizabeth O'Neil at (617) 338-0560 or via [e-mail eoneil].


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