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Dispute Resolution

Cutting-Edge Navigation for Today’s Conflicts, Disputes and Controversies

Dispute Resolution is a selection of highly effective processes which allow involved parties to work toward resolution employing methods that best fit their conflict, personalities and resources. The benefits of utilizing DR options to resolve disputes instead of litigating matters in court are significant:

  • Allows parties a sophisticated variety of resolution options
  • Reduces time, expenses and overall costs
  • Streamlines procedures and achieves swift solutions
  • Preserves relationships and reputations
  • Permits parties more control over the outcome
  • Parties experience autonomy in structured negotiations and fashioning creative resolutions
  • Provides parties a forum in which to be heard
  • Preserves privacy and confidentiality
  • Builds the client-lawyer relationship
  • Boosts client satisfaction
  • Neutrals offer an impartial sounding board

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