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Speakers Bureau

Members of the MBA are available to speak to civic, social, educational and business organizations on a wide range of law-related topics, including:

  • Marriage and divorce in Massachusetts;
  • Buying and selling real estate;
  • Planning and writing a will;
  • How to avoid consumer fraud;
  • Planning for retirement;
  • Employees' rights;
  • Medicare/Medicaid issues; and
  • Landlord/tenant rights.

Suggested topics for school groups:

  • Bill of Rights;
  • What lawyers do and what can you do with a law degree;
  • The jury system;
  • The Constitution;
  • How a bill becomes a law;
  • Employees' rights; and
  • How the court system works.

If you...

  • Are an attorney interested in being considered for speaking engagements;
  • Have a prepared presentation that you believe would be beneficial to area organizations; or
  • Would like to bring an MBA member to your organization to address a legal topic...

Contact the Community Services Department to request a Speakers Bureau application at (617) 338-0695 or [e-mail communityservices].

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