Sample Letter: Attorney to Client

Dear (insert client name),

As our state legislators work on the budget for next year (Fiscal Year 2015), I'm asking for a minute of your time to help get the word out about how important it is to increase funding for our courts and legal aid programs.

Forty-two thousand (42,000) people use our courts each day in Massachusetts. Within that group are those who need our courts and legal aid programs most - victims of domestic violence, children, the elderly and infirmed, and the homeless, among others. Currently legal aid makes up only .03% - three one thousandths of a percent - of the entire state budget. We believe the state should do more for this critical issue and can do more without adversely impacting other important public programs.

I've joined a statewide initiative led by the Massachusetts Bar Association, known as "12 for 12," where 12,000 lawyers are asking their clients to call or email their legislators in support of higher funding for courts and legal aid programs during the next 12 weeks - the most crucial time period in the review of the budget.

Getting involved is easy. Just visit, where you will find everything you need to send a message to your local legislator, from contact information to talking points and sample emails.

Together, we can let our elected representatives know that fairness and access to justice is something that all citizens of the commonwealth stand for.

Thank you for your support.


(Attorney Name)

Click here for a PDF of this sample letter.

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