Federal courts

The Chair shall from time to time offer the services of the Committee to the persons charged with responsibility for the appointment of judges and magistrate-judges to the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts, the United States First Circuit Court of Appeals and/or the United States Supreme Court, including the President, the United States Attorney General, and the Senators from Massachusetts.  The Committee shall evaluate such nominations in the same manner as set forth above and shall report in such manner as the Chair shall deem appropriate.


Payment of expenses

Members shall be reimbursed by their respective bar associations for expenses incurred in Committee service as shall from time to time be necessary or appropriate.


Procedures and policies

The Committee may establish such further procedures and policies, not in conflict with these rules, as it shall from time to time see fit.




These rules may be amended from time to time by the concurrent action of the House of Delegates of the MBA and the Council of the BBA, in accordance with the rules of those respective bodies.  Such amendment shall take effect following the vote of the last of the two bodies to act.

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