MBA Reports

MassBar Immigration Resolution
Download pdf  Published January 26, 2017
Blue Ribbon Commission Report: Doing Right by Those Who Labor for Justice
Download pdf  Published May 9, 2014
Beginning the Conversation
Download pdf  Published May 17, 2012
Report of the Committee of Media
Download pdf  Published March 10, 2011
Report of the Ad Hoc Massachusetts Uniform Trust Code Committee
Download pdf  Published February 1, 2011
Crisis in Court Funding Task Force Report
Download pdf  Published May 27, 2010
The Failure of the War on Drugs
Download pdf  Published June 1, 2009
Report of the Attorney Financial Responsibility Disclosure Task Force
Download pdf  Published March 16, 2006
MBA Debt Collection/Small Claims Task Force Report
Download pdf  Published September 19, 2006
Judicial Evaluation Task Force Report to the March 2004 House of Delegates
Download pdf  Published March 26, 2004
MBA's Court Study Task Force Report to the Nov. 2003 House of Delegates
Download pdf  Published January 11, 2003
MBA Pro Se User of the Court Survey
Download pdf  Published January 8, 1999
Striking a Balance: Adequate Compensation - Effective Representation
Download pdf  Published January 11, 1994
Harbridge House Report -- Executive Summary
Download pdf  Published April 16, 1991
Harbridge House Report -- Court Reform
Download pdf  Published April 16, 1991
MBA's Statement on Lawyer Professionalism
Download pdf  Published March 14, 1989
RES GESTAE: Recommendations and Final Report of MBA Committee on Court Reform
Download pdf  Published October 1, 1976
Task Force on Judicial Conduct Commission Report on H.1816
Download pdf
Report of the Governor's/MBA's Commission on the Unmet Legal Needs of Children
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