Practice Software – Try Before You Buy

When work gets busy, we have a tendency to impulsively search for quick fixes. Sometimes that is great. But when it comes to practice software, the decision should be a thoughtful one. Nearly every software available is available for lawyers to try for free. Sometimes there is a free trial to which you may automatically subscribe, and other times you may need to reach out to a sales representative. Either way, the legal software business model is pretty much the same everywhere. The providers want you to try out their software and get hooked on it. Letting you try it out doesn't really cost them anything. So, when you think you're ready for any type of legal software, research the options online and by speaking with colleagues. Try out at least two or three options for free. Then make a thoughtful decision. You will save time and expense, and your practice -- not to mention the headache of transitioning to a different software months or years down the road.

Tip courtesy of Damian J. Turco of Mass Injury Firm PC in Boston.

Published December 11, 2014


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