Important intraoffice information to share? Don’t manage your practice by e-mail.

The e-mail chain goes as follows:

Young associate to partner: "I finished answering the interrogatories."

Partner to associate: "That's great."

The associate is happy the partner is pleased. While the partner is not actually pleased because the answers to interrogatories were due the day before.

E-mails are time consuming. Studies show that the average employee spends well over 10 minutes each time they take a break reviewing a set of e-mails. Further, e-mails can be, and are usually, misinterpreted by the recipient. If you deem it important enough that you were going to send an intraoffice e-mail, it's probably important enough to say in person. It's also a good way to get more face time with your colleague.

So next time you have composed an e-mail to a colleague, take a good 30 seconds before hitting the "send" button, and consider walking down the hall and saying it in person.

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Published December 18, 2008

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