Analyze your technology needs and save money

Many technology purchases are made on the fly and without a careful analysis of the attorneys' needs and existing technology tools. Before purchasing new technology make sure you are choosing wisely with a quick audit of your existing office technology. Issues to consider are:

  1. How will this new technology be used;
  2. Who in the office needs to use it;
  3. How often is it used; and
  4. Are there any alternatives.

In my office, I've determined that my employees do not often use CD/DVD drives on their computer.  Each of the common uses for a CD/DVD drive, such as software downloads, listening to music, looking at pictures, are easily accomplished through other tools.  When I looked at the return on investment for the purchase of a CD/DVD drive, I determined that my office could save money by not providing each computer in the office with a CD/DVD drive. I have one portable external CD/DVD drive that everyone shares in the office.  

On the other hand, every employee uses a scanner frequently throughout the day to increase efficiency and effectiveness.  For that reason, we invested in a desk-top scanner for each employee.

As you can see, by performing a short analysis before purchasing new technology, a law office can make sure that their technology dollars are being spent the right way.

This tip is courtesy of Gabriel Cheong, attorney at law, owner of Infinity Law Group.

Published April 2, 2010


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