Avoiding traps when office sharing

Sharing office space is a great way to save money, develop professional relationships, and referral sources. However, liability and disciplinary issues may arise if you fall into an unnecessary trap when practicing in a shared office space. Remember these simple rules and avoid headaches in the future.

  1. Avoid the use of a firm name that implies a partnership exists;
  2. Do not advertise in a way that implies a partnership exists;
  3. Each attorney should maintain a separate sign on the door, have separate business cards and stationery, and should not refer to each other as "my partner" or "my associate;"
  4. Remember to maintain confidentiality of communications by maintaining an independent facsimile machine, a separate telephone line and email, and ensure that you have a secure independent data storage area for your electronic files and paper files; and
  5. Remember to keep client files out of shared office space.

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Published July 15, 2010


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