Tool for quick e-mail responses in Microsoft Outlook

Save time by using Microsoft Outlook's Signature Tool to quickly insert text that you use on a recurring basis. This may include, obviously, your signature, but also, your confidentiality notice, or simply a common e-mail response that you send. For example, if you want to acknowledge receipt of a resume, then you can create a signature that includes the entire e-mail response which can be reused for each applicant. The "signature" tool allows you to save common text and include that signature in outgoing e-mails, rather than wasting time copying and pasting that block from previous e-mails or rewriting the information.

Outlook allows you to save multiple signatures (up to 128 of them). Creating a signature is easy: open a new message by pressing Ctrl+N; under the "include" field, select "signature"; within that dropdown menu, select "signatures"; a "signatures and stationery" window will open -- under "e-mail signature," select "new." You will be prompted to type a name for the signature -- choose a descriptive name for the signature, up to 34 characters long, then click "OK." Next, type your message within the "edit signature" field. When you have completed your message, select "OK." Your signature/message will now be saved in Outlook. To add the message to a new outgoing message or reply, select "signature" under the "include" field of the message window, and within the dropdown list of your signatures that appears, select the signature (RE: block of text) you would like to include in your message. You are now ready to send the e-mail that took seconds to create.

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Published July 29, 2010


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