5 steps to a paperless office

Starting your transition to a paperless office is easy. Just follow these five simple steps:

  1. Get a fast scanner such as a bulk commercial scanner (for transactional offices with large staff or large paper load) or desktop scanner for each employee (Fujitsu Scansnap S1500 is the most widely recommended);
  2. Get into the habit and enforce staff to scan every single piece of paper that comes into the office and out of the office;
  3. Shred all unnecessary and non-original documents when they are scanned (keep originals of important documents such as wills and trusts);
  4. Create and maintain a fixed file naming format (e.g. year-month-day LTR to OC re separation agreement); and
  5. Scan and maintain a paperless office going forward. Worry about back and old files later and scan them in due time.

Don't wait to go paperless!

Tip courtesy of Gabriel Cheong, Esq. of Infinity Law Group in Quincy. Follow Cheong on Twitter.

Published April 14, 2011


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