Are you using LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is now used by 80 percent of attorneys. But how many attorneys are doing anything beyond accepting requests to connect? Having a quantifiable number of connections may make us feel good; but if we do nothing else with these contacts, then we're missing an opportunity to deepen our business relationships. So what are some ways to make better use of LinkedIn?

  1. For starters, review your connections periodically and make note of anyone you have not reached out to in the past two months;
  2. Make a point of reviewing the weekly updates that are sent to you by e-mail and look for opportunities to congratulate your contacts or connect with them around something they have posted;
  3. Be sure to post your own updates at least a few times a month. Possible subjects include information about articles you have written, seminars you are giving, volunteer activity you are engaged with and work related successes of your own; and
  4. Finally, make a habit of using the LinkedIn search function to identify individuals in your network who can introduce you to contacts at companies where you would like to do business.

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This tip is courtesy of Stephen Seckler, Seckler Legal Coaching.

Published October 21, 2010


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