Five reasons to keep digital files

Jim Calloway wrote an article recently in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly about the importance of moving towards a paperless office. Here are some reasons for keeping digital files (his and mine):

  1. You will have back-ups in case paper or computer files are destroyed (assuming you back-up your computer).
  2. With files on your laptop or access to your server or computer, you can always have your files with you.
  3. Associates are growing less interested in working for attorneys whose practices are not "state of the art."
  4. By scanning all of your files you can immediately keep your clients up to date on their cases. No more mailing copies of documents.
  5. You will spend a lot less time searching for missing documents or files. Desktop search engines will find them quickly.

Tip courtesy of Andrea Goldman of the Law Office of Andrea Goldman.

Published January 6, 2011


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