LockSquawkBox: Encrypt Your Smartphone Calls

At this late date, even the last vestiges of loose data are becoming privatized. With the advent of smartphones as mini-computers, and their hostile takeover of all things telephony, it is now possible to encrypt even your telephone calls.  

This recent article from TechRepublic (and comments), discussing an Android platform encryption option, does a good job of explaining the movement. The Android app reviewed?: RedPhone.

But, Android does not have the market cornered on smartphone call encryption. Each of the major smartphone platforms offers its own apps, in its own app stores; and, each has its own call encryption app: There is Kryptos, for the iPhone; and there's CellCrypt Mobile, for Blackberry and Nokia phones.

Tip courtesy of Jared Correia, Law Practice Management Advisor, Law Office Management Assistance Program.

Published May 12, 2011


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