Act like an environmentalist when you market your practice

Many attorneys find it difficult to carve out time for marketing. When they have billable work, they find it hard to justify doing non-billable work. But marketing is most effective when it is done all the time, not just during your slow periods.

So how do you balance periods of busyness with the need to market all the time? The answer lies in one word:  recycling. If you look for ways to recycle your work product, your marketing will become more efficient.

If you adopt a recycling mindset, you will realize that there are many ways to repurpose the work you are already doing. If you adopt this "environmental" approach, you will find it a lot easier to create content that you can share in a number of ways.

For example, if you work on a brief that raises an issue which you think may be of interest to others, write an article on the subject. From there, you can develop a client seminar. Other possibilities include writing up a client alert, creating a checklist or putting together a tip sheet. 

Social media offers many new ways to repurpose your client work. Once you have created content, use social media to distribute your practice tools (or let the world know that you are happy to share the checklist you created).

By not starting from scratch, you will be able to make the most of the limited time you have for reputation building. And by starting out with real issues facing real clients, you are more likely to write about things that matter to other prospective clients.

Tip courtesy of Stephen Seckler, president, Seckler Legal Consulting and Coaching.

Published March 8, 2012


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