Forbidden fruit: Securing your iPad

You love your iPad, that's obvious. So, what would you do if it were stolen? After you weep like a newborn infant, that is . . .

Well, the key to your reaction will likely be what you've done before.

There are built-in and add-on features for the iPad that will: help you to track down your tablet, if you lose it; lock it if someone is trying to access it; or, allow you to retrieve your files, if you can't access them via the physical device.

Apple offers a "Find My iPad" setting, that you can turn on, and that will allow you to locate your iPad, on a map, from another device. You can also remotely: play a sound to help you find it; display a message onscreen, potentially containing your contact information; set a pass code lock; or, perform a remote wipe. Here's how to set up the "Find My iPad" feature.

GottaBeMobile provides a list of five easy things that you can do in under 10 minutes to secure your iPad. Because everyone loves lists, Law Technology News offers ten tips for turning your iPad into an "information fortress."

Tip courtesy of Jared Correia, Law Office Management Assistance Program; Tracy Ward, State Bar of Arizona's Law Office Management Assistance Program; and Linda Oligschlaeger, The Missouri Bar's Law Practice Management Information Center.

Published September 22, 2011


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