Just do it

"Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good".

While the philosopher Voltaire probably did not have law firms in mind when he said that several centuries ago, he could have easily been giving advice about marketing legal services. Simply put, when it comes to building a law practice, excessive thinking can get in the way. "Showing up" frequently is an important part of the legal sales process. Thinking a lot (and doing little) will not help you build business relationships.

This is difficult for many attorneys because good analysis is the cornerstone of good lawyering. This is not to say that no analysis should go into your marketing. But if you have the choice between dashing off several brief client alerts over the course of a couple of months or putting together a brilliant law review article once in six months, then go with the client alerts. It is more important for prospective clients and referral sources see your name repeatedly (i.e. versus trying to demonstrate your brilliance to them with a single article that they will probably never read).

Advertising agencies understand this dynamic. If a client has $100,000 to spend on advertising for a year, then most agencies will suggest that that the client purchases a series of smaller ads rather than blowing the entire budget on a single full-page spread .

In other words "just do it" (i.e. meet prospects for coffee, give presentations, write articles, etc.) and the business will come.

Tip courtesy of Stephen Seckler, president, Seckler Legal Consulting and Coaching.

Published January 12, 2012


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