Open up: Getting the word out about a new practice

There are a number of swirling considerations for those attorneys opening a new law practice for the first time. And, one of the bedrock concerns is marketing. How will you get clients, so you can keep your lights on?

Here are three quick tips for opening your doors . . . and getting people through them:

  1. Most attorneys establishing new law firms start to get the word out by reaching out to existing contacts. But, before you can do that, you have to know who your existing contacts are, and how to reach them. Prior to marketing your new practice, sit down and create a complete list of your existing contacts: full name, physical and web addresses, work and personal information and related notes. Most lawyers use email accounts to store contacts; but, when you settle down to create a complete contact listing, try an Excel spreadsheet, with fully editable fields, and which can later be imported into any number of computer programs.
  2. It's still a good idea to design and disseminate an opening announcement for your new law firm. For examples, check the Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, or your local legal periodical. If you did a thorough job creating a contacts list, you can send your opening announcement both via traditional mail and e-mail, even to preferred contact points -- if your contact list has enough depth to include that preference notation. Although it might seem counterintuitive, you should include as many links to your web presence as you can. People will type in the addresses and visit your sites. They'll Google you anyway; so, direct their search for further information.
  3. You can now better leverage that awkward period when you have a url but not yet a website, by using LaunchRock, a new service that gets you some value out of, what have traditionally been, static 'coming soon' holding pages. LaunchRock's 'social launching soon page' allows you to quickly create a launch page, encourages interested parties to promote your project and gathers data about those interested parties. Here is the list of features. (Thanks to Heidi Alexander, who alerted me to the existence of LaunchRock!)


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Tip courtesy of Jared Correia, Law Office Management Assistance Program.

Published June 7, 2012


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