Clear off that dusty file

We all have the dusty file sitting somewhere in our office. You know the one, where every time you come across it, you remind yourself to get to that file soon. But then you justify letting it collect more dust by convincing yourself you have more pressing issues. It is that dusty file you just know will cause a headache by working on it. Sooner, or later, however, that dusty file will need to be opened. The more you put it off, the bigger the headache becomes.

The best course of action is to attack that file first thing in the morning. If you continue to put it off throughout the day, the anxiety and dread will only build. Procrastinating and letting that file sit will only waste more of your time. Instead, open that file as soon as you arrive at the office. Once you have wiped the dust off and taken care of the file, you will experience a sense of accomplishment and pride. That feeling will carry you through the day and make you more productive.

Tip courtesy of Robert C. Heaney of Heaney Disability Law in Boston.

Published February 20, 2014


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