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Urgent message concerning the Massachusetts UTC

We need everyone's HELP!

In order to get the MA UTC Legislation (House 3780) and MA UPC Corrective Legislation (Senate 704) passed to be effective on January 2, 2012, we need EVERYONE'S support in contacting their state senators and state representatives, even if they have been contacted within the past month.

We especially need help from those in those in Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr's district (First Essex and Middlesex consisting of Gloucester, Boxford, Essex, Georgetown, Groveland, Hamilton, Ipswich, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Middleton, Newbury, North Andover -- precincts 2, 3, 5 and 7, Rockport, Rowley, Wenham and West Newbury, in the County of Essex, and North Reading and Wilmington, in the County of Middlesex). Please contact Tarr and let him know it is very important for him to help get these bills passed.

Probate and Family Court Chief Justice Paula M. Carey is working very hard to get both bills passed, especially since she indicated at the meeting last week that there are many fees that can NOT be charged effective January 2, 2012, without the passage of the MA UPC Corrective Legislation, Senate 704. In addition, if the UTC House 3780 does not pass, then we start the year with Article VII of MA UPC and at some point when the UTC passes, we then replace Article VII of the MA UPC with the UTC. These are very serious issues for the Probate Court and all of us.

Last week, legal counsel at the Legislature and Government Relations for the Boston Bar Association stated that in order to get these bills passed during informal session, every senator and representative should be contacted (even if contacted within the past month) to encourage passage of both bills. Apparently, that is how things work during informal session.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact section council member Robert H. Ryan at [e-mail BRyan] or Michael Christy, section council chair at [e-mail mrchristy].

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