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Group Personal Excess Liability Insurance

The MBA is pleased to offer its members a new member benefit -- Group Personal Excess Liability Insurance. This "umbrella policy" will provide significant savings over traditional umbrella policies when you compare the cost to what you are currently paying. This coverage is recommended to further protect your personal assets, especially if faced with an accident from an uninsured or under-insured driver.

Unfortunately, with today's economic environment, more and more drivers have dropped their insurance or have policy limits that are truly inadequate. This umbrella provides a specific level of coverage that will offer you protection for exactly these types of accidents. In addition, if you have young drivers in your family, an umbrella policy is coverage you must have to protect your assets against substantial losses.

The MBA has partnered with HUB Insurance and CHUBB, a market leader in personal umbrella insurance, to bring you this exciting new benefit.

We encourage you to look at your current personal umbrella and the premium you are paying. In addition to cost savings, the ease of accessing this new member benefit will save you valuable time. Because this is a special group insurance product for MBA members, no individual underwriting or individual risk pricing are involved. Simply choose the limit you want, complete the enrollment form and you will have the extended coverage you need. And, the effective date of this benefit is conveniently tied to the renewal date of your MBA membership. The savings you achieve from this policy, as compared to other traditional personal umbrella policies, may even help cover a portion of your MBA membership dues.

The benefits of an MBA membership have never been greater. Click here for more information on the Group Personal Excess Liability Insurance Program features.

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