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Thursday, Apr. 5, 2007
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MBA offers online magazine "The Complete Lawyer"

The Massachusetts Bar Association is proud to present its members with the March/April issue of “The Complete Lawyer”—an online magazine that provides helpful insight and tools of the trade to help practitioners sharpen their practice. This issue’s theme is diversity. “The Complete Lawyer” examines diversity from the perspectives of psychology, biology and brain science. While research tells us we have a long way to go with our efforts to institute lasting diversity initiatives, the heartening news is that as humans we have a built-in bias towards empathy, cooperation and altruism—provided we develop the social intelligence to nurture these capacities in ourselves and others.

The Massachusetts Bar Association is pleased to provide you with an issue every other month as another tool that presents ideas and practical tips to improve your practice. With each issue, expect to read personalized articles that explore the very topics that most affect the majority of practicing attorneys—managing your practice, navigating your career, work/life balance and industry trends. Beginning with the May/June issue of “The Complete Lawyer,” look to find your colleagues from Massachusetts highlighted in several articles. 

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