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Thursday, Aug. 2, 2007
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Jessica DeGroot, who founded Third Path in 1999 to rearrange work and private life to create more time for family and other priorities, says she owes much of her success to the support of her husband, Jeff Lutzner.

July/August Lawyers Journal explores work/life balance for attorneys

Initiatives, support and flexibility needed to achieve success at home and office

Specialized studies, anecdotal evidence and personal experience have all demonstrated that the legal profession seems particularly inhospitable to successfully achieving a work/life balance. The MBA’s July/August edition of Lawyers Journal takes an in-depth look at this state of affairs, examining study results and surveying career choices and consequences. Learn about organizations that are exploring ways to redesign work and private life to create more time for family and other priorities, and discover which local firms are role models in the legal community.

Coverage highlights the work of the MBA’s Lawyers in Transition Committee to address work/life balance issues, particularly for attorneys who, because of parenting demands, drop out of the profession entirely rather than scale back or find a more flexible environment to practice in. And Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers focuses on an associate on the brink of becoming a partner who, in reexamining priorities, questions potential work/life balance perils.

Click here for full coverage of the MBA’s review of work/life balance issues.

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