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Tuesday, Jun. 12, 2007
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Featured MBA Member Benefit

Have you checked out Casemaker lately?

While MBA members have enjoyed free and unlimited use of Casemaker since 2001, this benefit just got better. Members now have access to all 50 states and the federal databases, the ability to determine validity of case law through the Casecheck function and the way to identify changes to statutes and codes through the SuperCODE function.  Are you familiar with the following new features of Casemaker? Log on to and click on the Casemaker link to check out the following: 

Casemaker Library

The Casemaker Library has recently been expanded and now provides access to all 50 states and the federal databases. Click here for current contents.

Casecheck Feature (similar to Shepard's)

Casemaker’s exclusive casecheck feature allows you check if the case that you've cited has been challenged by a later court. To access casecheck, simply look on the right-hand side of the screen of the case you are viewing. If there are no hyperlinks underneath the casecheck logo, it means that no action has been taken on the case by a later court. If there are hyperlinks, that does not necessarily mean that there have been any rulings against the case in question. However, it will require you to click on the link to find out. By clicking the hyperlink, you will be taken directly to the portion of the later case where the older case is cited. By reading the text surrounding the case citation, you can quickly determine later treatment of the cited case.

SuperCODE Feature

Casemaker utilizes SuperCODE to identify changes to statutes and codes. SuperCODE is the exclusive Casemaker feature that identifies session laws which may affect the documents that you view. SuperCODE appears on the right-hand side of the screen and displays hyperlinks to session laws that reference the document currently being viewed. By clicking on the hyperlink (if present) you will be immediately transported to the segment of the legislation that deals with the current document. You can then quickly determine if the new law will apply to the salient portion of code of interest. These are a few of the latest features. 

For a complete MBA Casemaker User Guide, click here.


Please contact MBA Publications Attorney, Jared Correia, Esq., at (617) 338-0544 or via e-mail at jcorreia with your Casemaker questions. 

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