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Thursday, Jul. 26, 2007
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This month's "Complete Lawyer" focuses on the graying of the legal profession

The Massachusetts Bar Association is proud to present its members with the July/August issue of “The Complete Lawyer”—an online magazine that provides helpful insight and tools of the trade to help practitioners sharpen their practice.

The Massachusetts Bar Association is pleased to provide you with an issue every other month as another tool that presents ideas and practical tips to improve your practice. With each issue, expect to read personalized articles that explore the very topics that most affect the majority of practicing attorneys—managing your practice, navigating your career, work/life balance and industry trends.

This month's issue focuses on aging attorneys, and considers the following questions:

  • What kind of ethical obligations arise when age-related conditions impact the ability of a lawyer to meet his or her professional responsibility?
  • How do we best benefit from the wisdom and experience of the most senior and seasoned representatives of our proud profession?
  • Finally, how do we ensure our ability to continue to practice effectively by staying mentally and physically fit? 

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