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Thursday, Jun. 14, 2007

Greater Boston Legal Services seeks pro bono assistance for low wage workers

June 29 training focuses on immigrant taxpayers and Mass. Department of Revenue

Greater Boston Legal Services, in partnership with the Massachusetts Immigrant Refugee Advocacy Coalition, is asking the private bar to join its efforts to ensure that every low-income worker being audited by the Department of Revenue has legal representation. Many of our clients are workers who file their tax returns with individual tax ID numbers, which the DOR is not yet equipped to handle. In addition, the DOR is asking for proof of income beyond the workers' W-2 records, and we believe such requests are beyond the scope of their reviews.

These workers are being audited in unprecedented numbers and GBLS is asking the private bar for pro bono assistance in representing them. GBLS is presently the only state agency representing these workers and it needs to expand capacity.GBLS logo

Volunteer attorneys will be trained on the law and asked to negotiate for additional time with the DOR, as well as assist the clients in obtaining the requested documentation and/or to provide reasons to the DOR why the additional requested documents are beyond the scope of their audits.

Training will be held at the Boston Bar Association, 16 Beacon St., Boston, on Friday, June 29, from 10 a.m. to noon. To  register for the training, contact Adriana Lafaille at (617) 350-5480 x216 or via e-mail. Click here to download a short registration form.

For additional information, e-mail Luz Arevalo at GBLS.

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