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Thursday, May. 31, 2007
Image for Bench Bar Breakfast Forum
Photograph by Christine Baronas
MBA President Mark D Mason led discussions with judges and attorneys at the Hampden Hall of Justice on May 30.

MBA launches Bench-Bar Breakfast Forum in Springfield

Highlights included a frank discussion on time standards in each of the courts

More than 30 judges and attorneys who practice in four different Hampden County courts joined MBA President Mark D Mason on May 30 for the first MBA Bench-Bar Breakfast Forum, presented in cooperation with the Hampden County Bar Association.

Much of the discussion focused on the Superior Court's Firm and Fair Trial Initiative and time standards in all of the county's courts. Judges said that time standards are often a reminder of the lack of adequate advanced technology in the courts, and noted, for example, the current lack of an electronic means for the Probate and Family Court to monitor the number of open cases.

Other topics of discussion included the role of pre-trial  conferences, availability of adequate judicial resources and the benefits of bench-bar collaboration. The next MBA Bench-Bar Breakfast Forum will take place in Bristol County.

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