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Thursday, Aug. 28, 2008
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Photograph by Julianna Brody-Fialkin
From left to right: Honorable Roderick L. Ireland, Supreme Judicial Court; Joan Kenney, public information officer, Supreme Judicial Court; Laurence M. Johnson, president, Massachusetts Bar Foundation; Jerry Howland, teacher, Another Course to College, Boston; and David W. White Jr., president, Massachusetts Bar Association speak at the John Adams Courthouse SJC Judical Youth Corps reception.

Students honored for participation in SJC's Judical Youth Corps Program

John Adams Courthouse reception marks 18th year of JYC Program

More than three dozen high school students from Boston and Worcester who participated in this year’s 18th annual Supreme Judicial Court Judicial Youth Corps program were honored with a reception at the John Adams Courthouse on Aug. 22. Massachusetts Bar Association President David W. White Jr. and Massachusetts Bar Foundation President Laurence M. Johnson both offered congratulatory remarks to the students.


“You are such a bright hope for our future,” White told the students. “I congratulate you for your efforts and your dedication.”


Johnson said there is no greater work for lawyers than to expose young people to the law. “I wish you all great success in everything you do,” he said.


A Fellows Grant of $53,319 from the MBF, the philanthropic partner of the MBA, expanded the Worcester portion of the program this year by doubling the number of students to 20 and lengthening the session to 14 weeks. Last year, an MBF Fellows Grant returned the JYC program to Worcester after a long hiatus.


The SJC’s Public Information Office established the JYC program for urban high school students in 1991. The four-month program includes a seven-week court system orientation and a seven-week courthouse internship session. The Boston Private Industry Council funds the Boston portion of the program.

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