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Thursday, Jul. 31, 2008
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Justice John M. Greaney.
Photo courtesy of the SJC.

Supreme Judicial Court Justice Greaney to join Suffolk Law School

Judge to serve as Director of Macaronis Institute for Trial and Appellate Advocacy

Justice John M. Greaney of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court will join the Suffolk University Law School faculty and serve as director of the Macaronis Institute for Trial and Appellate Advocacy. Greaney’s appointment, effective Dec. 1, 2008, was announced by Suffolk University President David J. Sargent and Board Chairman Nicholas Macaronis, a distinguished alumnus and prominent Lowell attorney for whom the institute is named.

"Justice Greaney brings a wealth of experience at every level of the judiciary, for which he has won the admiration of people both within and outside of the legal profession," said President Sargent. "Our students will benefit from his tutelage, and he brings inspired ideas to the Macaronis Institute." The Macaronis Institute, founded in 1999, offers highly specialized programs to practicing attorneys and law students.

"I am honored by my appointment to Suffolk University Law School, which has a tradition of excellence that I will endeavor to serve and enhance," said Greaney. "The Macaronis Institute, through its civil litigation concentration, trains law students to provide essential services in areas of practice that are vital to the maintenance of our system of justice.  In addition to teaching, I will work assiduously to add to the wide range of services, courses and programs that the Institute conducts, so that it will continue its status as a respected center for trial and appellate advocacy and related legal studies."

As a justice on the highest appellate court in Massachusetts, Greaney authored numerous significant opinions on issues ranging from complex corporate litigation in the Demoulas case to separation of powers and inherent judicial authority in the First Justice case and same-sex marriage in the Goodridge case.

Greaney served in the military and engaged in private practice before joining the judiciary in 1974, as the presiding judge of the Hampden County Housing Court. He later served as a justice the Massachusetts Superior Court and the Massachusetts Appeals Court. He was chief justice of the Massachusetts Appeals Court before his appointment to the Supreme Judicial Court in 1989. Greany turns 70 on April 8, 2009, the mandatory retirement age for judges.

Greaney has taught law at Western New England College Law School and Westfield State College; lectured and written extensively for continuing legal and judicial education programs; edited books on the law of Deceptive and Unfair Practices and Appellate Practice and Procedure; and co-authored books on Civil Jury Instructions and Summary Judgment.

"Justice Greaney brings inspired ideas, broad experience and a special brand of wisdom to Suffolk Law School," said Macaronis. "We look forward to seeing this highly regarded jurist steer the Macaronis Institute as it continues to offer valuable learning experiences to attorneys and students."

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