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Thursday, Apr. 16, 2009
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Law Practice Management Tip of the Week

Do you ever feel like you’re retyping the same e-mail for the 100th time?

You aren’t alone: attorneys often find themselves needing to e-mail the same snippet of information several times per week (or even per day). Perhaps you’re informing a potential client about your fee structures and initial consultation procedures, or maybe you’re just asking a marketer to remove you from their distribution list. Either way, retyping the messages eats time that would be better spent elsewhere.

In the past, common solutions to this problem included copying and pasting from a saved text document or creating complicated e-mail templates. For users of the new Microsoft Outlook 2007, however, there’s a better solution: Quick Parts. Outlook 2007’s Quick Parts feature allows you to easily and quickly save snippets of frequently used text directly in Outlook, and then later insert those snippets back into e-mails with just a few mouse clicks.

Click here to check out this recent Lifehacker post for detailed instructions (with screen shots) on using Outlook 2007’s Quick Parts feature: Save Time and Typing with Outlook 2007’s Quick Parts.
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