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Thursday, Feb. 12, 2009
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Law Practice Management Tip of the Week

Looking to save time? Rethink the way you fax.


Having a stand-alone fax machine is another opportunity to spend money and wait for an equipment breakdown. With so many web-based fax resources, it makes no sense to waste time getting out of your chair to wait for your 20-page fax to be transmitted. Think of the extra time wasted if the fax doesn’t go through! And then, after receiving your fax, you have to take the time to file it correctly!

Electronic faxing is an affordable and efficient way to manage your faxing needs. Besides being able to process the fax from your desk, thereby saving time walking to and from the machine, your incoming faxes may automatically be received as a .pdf document, thereby making filing a breeze. Don't forget the paper you are saving.

FaxCompare is a Web site which reviews the major eFax companies and provides an apples-to-apples comparison of them. Check out each listing and see which vendor provides the best value for your firm. Competition in this arena is good, and that translates to better deals for you.

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