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Thursday, Jun. 25, 2009
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Law Practice Management Tip of the Week

OMG this is Gr8!: Predictive Texting

Not everyone has a PDA. And not everyone with a PDA has access to that PDA all the time.  Some folks, even, have, and prefer to have, those old-fashioned cell phones with the 12-digit keypads. Remember those?

Despite the ubiquity of e-mail access and QWERTY keyboards, either on-device or on-screen, there are times when a full keyboard is not available for mobile access. And, what do you do then? Toggling through the number pad to type out messages can sink your speed. Is there a way to approximate the speed with which you type on a QWERTY keyboard using text?

There sure is. Predictive texting is a method for text that allows you to type full words without toggling through each of the letter choices represented by each number. For example, instead of hitting 2 twice, then 8 twice, then 7 three times, then 6 twice, in order to spell “burn”, instead use predictive text, and hit 2-8-7-6; if “burn” does not appear following your typing (although it should), toggle through the word options until you find what you are looking for.

Predictive texting is easy to use, and many newer keypad cell phones default to the option. If you haven’t used predictive text before, turn the option on, or try it for the first time. A few run-throughs should be all that you need to get it down.

Whether you’re texting your kids to find out when they’ll be getting out of soccer practice, or texting your office staff to let them know that you are running late for a client meeting, predictive text can speed your process and save you time.


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