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Thursday, Apr. 8, 2010
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Note: Correction to Regional Delegates nominee list

The list of Regional Delegate nominees reported in the March 11 e-Journal and April issue of Lawyers Journal included an error. The correct list of Regional Delegates included as part of the MBA's 2010-11 Nominating Committee Report is below.


Regional Delegates:
Region 1 Susan A. Huettner
Region 2 Sara J. Trezise
Region 3 Miriam H. Babin
Region 4 Veronica J. Fenton
Region 5 Keith A. Minoff
Region 6 Walter A. Costello Jr.              
Stephen L. Wollman
Region 7 Kevin G. Diamond
Lee J. Gartenberg
Patricia A. Metzer
Region 8 Robert W. Harnais
Julio R. Hernando
Region 9 Anthony J. Benedetti
Alice B. Braunstein
Denise I. Murphy
Stephen Y. Chow
Region 10 Margaret J. Hurley
James G. Reardon Jr.


For information about MBA officer positions, please refer to Article VI of the MBA's Bylaws. For information on Committees and Boards, please refer to Article VII of the MBA's Bylaws.

To view the MBA Nomination and Election Procedures, click here.

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