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Thursday, Feb. 17, 2011

Law Practice Management Tip

The importance of being specific in relationship building

How many of us have run into old friends on the street, said "I'll call you for lunch" and then did nothing? How many of us have asked satisfied clients to "let us know if they meet someone who might have a need of our services?" We all have.

Unfortunately, general exchanges like this are unlikely to produce results. Our attention is pulled in so many directions that despite our best intentions, we never set up the lunch or make the referral. To overcome this problem, try being more specific.

Meet someone at a networking function? Ask them if it is okay to e-mail them when you get back to your office (to set up a lunch)...and then do it! Have a satisfied client? Show them a list of other companies in their industry and ask them if they have contacts at any of these companies. Then ask if they would be willing to call or e-mail the contact to let them know you will be calling.

This tip is courtesy of Stephen Seckler, Seckler Legal Coaching.

Published February 17, 2011


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