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Thursday, Feb. 17, 2011
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Massachusetts Law Review invites submissions

The Massachusetts Law Review, the longest continually run law review in the country, encourages authors to submit articles on matters relevant in Massachusetts. Whether articles relate to family law, labor regulations or criminal justice trends, the editorial board is interested in presenting a diverse range of issues.

The Law Review is circulated around the world and contains comprehensive analyses of Massachusetts law, commentary on groundbreaking cases and legislation, and reviews of books of interest to practitioners.

In evaluating submissions, the editorial board considers several factors, including:

  • Will the article be of interest to our membership?
  • Is the topic relevant to Massachusetts practice?
  • Is the topic timely?
  • Does the author offer new insight?
  • If the article attempts a balanced explanation of the law, does it offer critical insight? That is, does it have depth, or is it too superficial?
  • If the article offers a specific point of view or argument, does it educate the reader about all points of view, giving legal and, if appropriate, historical or social context?
  • Is the article well-written? Logical? Accurate?

Submit articles or proposals to
MBA Periodicals Manager Bill Archambeault.
Detailed submission guidelines are available here.

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