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Thursday, Jul. 28, 2011
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Take survey on Superior Court civil session transcripts; Join the MBA's LPM Section Council

The Massachusetts Bar Association's Judicial Administration Section Council, in conjunction with the Office of Transcription Services (OTS), invites you to participate in a survey to assess the quality and delivery of transcripts using Jefferson Audio Video Systems (JAVS) in the Superior Court. This survey will provide greater insight to the bench and bar concerning the availability and accuracy of the transcripts of hearings, trials and other proceedings in the civil sessions.

In 2006, the Administrative Office of the Trial Court began replacing cassette recording systems with the JAVS in all courts, with the exception of the Superior Court. In 2009, as a result of fiscal concerns, 56 JAVS recorders were installed in the Superior Court civil sessions in all counties.

The JAVS digital recorders resemble a desktop computer with microphones placed throughout the courtroom. The digital recorders are capable of playing back recordings, storing the audio and producing a CD copy of the recorded proceedings. Backup CDs are created and are in the custody of the respective clerk's office. OTS processes requests for a transcript from these digitally recorded sessions and duplicate CDs are available via court-allowed motion submitted to the respective clerk's office at the rate of $50.50 per CD.

The data collected from this survey will assist the Administrative Office of the Trial Court and OTS in gathering information on the operation of digital recorders and the quality and timeliness of transcripts.

Click here to take the survey by Friday, Aug. 5.


Beginning on Sept. 1, the Law Practice Management Section will be open to all MBA members as a part of the MBA membership package.  

The Law Practice Management Section provides practical education, tools and assistance to the business of practicing law by focusing on issues of law office marketing, budgeting and finance, office management and the use of technology to enhance the practice of law so that lawyers may better serve their clients while improving the quality of their own lives and practices.

If you are interested in assuming a leadership role as an MBA Law Practice Management Section Council member, please contact section chair Thomas Barbar with your resume or CV.

The MBA is looking for members with in-depth knowledge in the areas of technology, human resources, client relations, financial management and solo and small firm business planning.


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