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Thursday, Dec. 6, 2012

CJC decision on Dougan sides with MBA support of preserving judicial independence

Yesterday, the Massachusetts Commission on Judicial Conduct voted not to pursue disciplinary action against First Justice Raymond G. Dougan Jr. of the Boston Municipal Court.

Although the Massachusetts Bar Association did not take a position on the complaint that prompted the CJC's investigation, the association did file an amicus brief last spring citing concerns about the commission's request to access Dougan's mental notes and thought processes. Click here to view the brief by Thomas J. Carey Jr. (Collora LLP) and MBA Chief Legal Counsel Martin W. Healy.

Following the CJC decision, comments from Healy and chair of the MBA's Committee on Fair and Impartial Courts Thomas M. Hoopes were featured in coverage by The Boston Globe and Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly (subscription required).

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