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Thursday, Jan. 12, 2012
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News from the courts

SJC endorses final report by Task Force on Hiring in Judicial Branch

The Supreme Judicial Court has reviewed and endorsed the recommendations in the Final Report of the Task Force on Hiring in the Judicial Branch, the sixth report in a series to offer "recommendations designed to ensure a fair system with transparent procedures in which the qualifications of an applicant are the sole criterion in hiring and promotion."

The task force recommends a full commitment from the top down to merit-based hiring and promotion throughout the court system based on seven well-known elements that are designed to recruit and cultivate a talented, high-quality workforce. The elements include well-defined mission statements, job descriptions and competencies, enhanced applicant pools, objective candidate interviews and assessments and comprehensive applicant tracking systems. To achieve success, the task force emphasizes the need for continuous training and performance reviews and a supportive culture in which all employees are united in common goals and understanding of the system's mission and shared values.

The task force issued five previous reports within the past year. The first two focused on hiring and promotion in the Probation Department and the critical situation that led to the court to create the task force. The subsequent reports dealt with hiring and promotion of court officers, administrative personnel, and employees of the offices of the appointed and elected clerks, registers and land court recorder.

Click here to view the final report and for more information about the task force.

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