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Thursday, Jan. 19, 2012
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News from the courts

New and revised G.L. c. 209A forms effective Jan. 17

The new and revised forms promulgated for use in G.L. c. 209A cases took effect on Tuesday, Jan. 17.

A revised Guide to Completing G.L. c. 209A Forms has been posted here.

Printed forms have been sent to all divisions of the four Trial Court Departments with jurisdiction over G.L. c. 209A cases. Other forms are downloaded from the Trial Court intranet and printed for use.

Revised forms have also been sent to police departments across the state for use with the judicial response system.

The Trial Court web site includes:

  • Complete set of forms used in G.L. c.209A cases;
  • Revised Guide to Completing G.L. c.209A Forms;
  • Highlights of revisions to existing forms and descriptions of new forms; and
  • Guidelines for Judicial Practice: Abuse Prevention Proceedings (revised September 2011) and the Highlights of the September 2011 Revisions.
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