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Thursday, Jul. 26, 2012
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Legislative News

Updates on foreclosure and work place safety bills



The conference committee charged with brokering a compromise on foreclosure legislation finished its work earlier this week. The final bill seeks to prevent unnecessary foreclosures. This bill focuses on loan modifications and does not contain the Senate-backed mandatory mediation between banks and homeowners. Instead, the bill calls for the establishment of a commission, to be headed by Attorney General Martha Coakley to further investigate mediation. The Massachusetts Bar Association will continue to advocate in favor for mediation. The House passed the legislation yesterday, the Senate may vote as early as today.

To see the conference committee report, click here.


Work Place Safety

The "Temporary Workers Right to Know Bill," which is strongly supported by the MBA, also passed the House yesterday. The bill protects temporary workers by requiring employers to provide them with written notice of key details of their work assignments, and the legal protections available to them. The bill now heads to the Senate.

Click here to view the bill.



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