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Thursday, May. 24, 2012
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Top: The Hon. James Collins asked the delegation to consider endorsing proposed measures to increase judicial compensation.
Middle left: MBA President Richard P. Campbell ceremonially passes the gavel to President-elect Robert L. Holloway Jr.
Middle right: Co-chairs Eric Parker and Radha Natarajan discuss the highlights of the Report of the Task Force on Law, the Economy and Underemployment.
Bottom: MBA Past President Denise Squillante announces the 2012 Nominating Committee report.

Photos by Tricia Oliver.

Delegates accept a report relative to the law economy and endorse a pay increase for judges

Ceremonial passing of the gavel takes place

The final meeting of the House of Delegates for the 2011-12 took place at the University of Massachusetts Boston last Thursday. Among the business at the meeting, the delegation voted to accept a report from the MBA's Task Force on Law, the Economy and Underemployment entitled "Beginning the Conversation." Delegates also heard from Massachusetts Judges Conference on a long-overdue salary increase for members of the bench. The meeting concluded with the ceremonial passing of the gavel from MBA President Richard P. Campbell to MBA President-elect Robert L. Holloway Jr.

Eric Parker and Radha Natarajan, co-chairs of the Task Force on Law, the Economy and Underemployment, summarized the comprehensive report put together by the 14-member group that first met last fall. Delegates voted to accept the report -- "Beginning the Conversation" -- that  explores the causes of and potential solutions for the underemployment of recent law school graduates in Massachusetts. To read the full report, click here.

The Hon. James Collins, president of the Massachusetts Judges Conference, was on hand to address the MBA HOD on the topic of judicial compensation. HOD voted to endorse the plea of the MJC in implementing the recommendations of the Advisory Board on Compensation for Honorable Judicial Salaries (a.k.a. Guzzi Commission) issued in 2008. Currently, according to the National Center for State Courts, the 2011 salaries of the Massachusetts judiciary ranked 47th among its national peers after accounting for cost of living. For more information on this topic, see the May issue of Lawyers Journal.

The business meeting came to a close with the ceremonial passing of the gavel. Campbell handed over the gavel to President-elect Robert L. Holloway Jr., who Campbell described as a "true consensus builder and team player." Holloway, who begins his term as president on September 1, 2012, accepted the gavel and pointed to the successes of Campbell's term. "I'm extraordinarily honored," said Holloway.

For complete coverage of the May 17 House of Delegates meeting, look for an article in the July issue of Lawyers Journal.

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