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Thursday, Oct. 25, 2012

Next week's Sixth Annual Public Law Conference to feature a keynote by U.S. District Court Judge Timothy S. Hillman

Register for the Nov. 1 conference, which will focus on the intersection between private lives of public employees

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Public Law Conference

Public Law KeynotesThe Sixth Annual Public Law Conference for state and local government attorneys will focus upon the intersection of the private lives of public employees. State law, regulations and employer policies impose limitations upon what public employees can do, both "on" and "off the clock." But such regulation often raises questions of the employee's First Amendment and privacy rights, among other thorny issues. How far can -- or should -- the government, as employer, go in regulating employee conduct? This question is the heart of this year's conference.

Divided into two panel discussions, the program will include a review of various legal restrictions upon public employee activity, such as the state Conflict of Interest Law, as well as consideration of the various competing interests that arise when the government as employer attempts to restrict or regulate employee conduct, from both the public employer and public employee perspectives.

The conference keynote speaker is the Hon. Timothy S. Hillman, of the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts. In addition to serving as both a state and federal court judge, Hillman's career has included serving as counsel for several cities and towns. Recently appointed Inspector General Glenn A. Cunha will also participate as a panelist.

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MBA member paralegals, law students, recent admittees: $40; MBA members: $80; and nonmembers: $160.

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